Fertilize your trees and protect against harmful insects

Tree Injections/Feeding/Fertilizing

Don't let your trees die before you call Stewardarborcare. Our professionals will assess the health of the tree and make recommendations for the best plan to treat and strengthen your trees.

We are committed to helping you maintain and enhance your property's tree health. Our process of feeding and treating your trees is professional and effective. There are many ways to fertilize a tree but fertilizing the lawn is not one of them. We offer Liquid Root Feeding and Tree Trunk Injections.

Liquid Root Feeding

We get below the soil with a probe to get the fertilizer delivered to the root system of our trees. This method of fertilizing is proven to improve the tree's health and strengthen the immune system of the tree so it is better able to resist stress related disease and provide overall strength. This method of feeding also breaks up any compacted soil around the tree and aerates the soil. Typically we use a mixture of iron, and other soil balancing nutrients in the probes.

Tree Injections to feed and fight disease or insects

Injections are most often the best treatment for insect infestations and diseases. We also use injections for severe nutritional deficiencies. The injection delivers the combination of antibiotics, insecticides, fungicides, and supplemental nutrients directly to the vascular system of the tree. This is similar to a human receiving an antibiotic shot directly to the blood stream for faster response than a tablet form of medication.