Tree Trimming and Pruning Fort Worth

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming and tree pruning are two very different services. A tree or shrub is pruned to protect it and to remove dead branches or infected limbs. Tree triming is done to shape a tree or to remove over grown branches that may cause property damage. Both pruning and trimming can also give a more uniform shape or even to create a unique shape especially for a shrub.

When the professionals at Steward Arbor Care prune a tree we use hand and lopping shears. A hand shear is used to perform more delicate work while the lopping shear will be used to cut thick branches and hard to reach branches. And in some cases very thick branches must be cut with a saw.

Tree trimming is not typically done with shears. Instead tree trimming is best done with an electric or gas powered trimmer.

Pruning of a tree should only be done by a professional who can identify the branches that need to be removed and apply their experience and skill to remove them without damaging the tree or surrounding branches. The tree surgeons at Steward Arbor Care will take care to help maintain the health and beauty of your trees by pruning only the dead or infected branches.

Both pruning and trimming trees starts with a careful inspection. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and estimate for the trees on your property.